Month: January 2015

Holy Thursday

Before eaten eggs or a feast of Easter like for example lamb can be, must Lent end for example by the traditional Lenten dish, herring, is symbolically buried. Extensively and colorful is celebrated in Mexico: on Holy Thursday, it is customary to visit seven churches and to ask forgiveness for his sins. Usually device of…

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Balearic Islands

Of all the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is the one in which more respondent is observed by part of young audiences and fans to active tourism. Because it’s a very rich place both in ecosystems, landscapes, flora, fauna and culture. Travelers can enjoy a valuable heritage that is home to many buildings and monuments. The festive…

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Team McLaren

This was when Lemania remained a subsidiary of the Piaget company. Later, the company was sold to the TAG Heuer group, the name by which it is granted currently. Although the Monaco watch was first released in 1970, it is still incredibly popular. Indeed, it is so popular that it has been relaunched and is…

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