Month: December 2016

Charles Baudelaire

This age the pretension doSimbolismo while aesthetic: to arrive at the absolute vacant, the complete impreciso. Overso s to follow, is a good example of this: ‘ ‘ in the sun light perpetual glorificadas’ ‘. Another important element emtoda soneto is the misticismo, that if presents in an intensity almost dominantena greater has left of…

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Endangered Species

Today I wonder if will survive the libraries. I imagine that it is a doubt that assails many, especially since the appearance of new formats of eBooks and eReaders and the closure of large chains will light new technologies for a future without libraries? When I go into any Bookstore, as for example the book…

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Moscow Houses

Everyone knows that Moscow was burnt during the invasion of the French, but who knows what is burned in it, except for houses and property of citizens? Moscow rebuilt for show, to fame, became a magnificent and at the same time sad, boring, though the internal light, this light-hearted gaiety of spirit poured out and…

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