Month: December 2017

Education Primary

When we hear talk about education, we come to mind our first years of studies, and many we remember them with pleasure and joy. Some less, still remind their first teachers and professors, who were really what is said second parents. With time, the multiple activities of the people, the pressing needs more than ever…

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Rome People

There are people whose memory is all a jewel, one of them can remember everything has read in your life, you have complete encyclopedias in your mind, other, can tell you without making a mistake on a single number up to 22,000 digits of a mathematical operation. There are also those visuals, one of them…

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In reality, the ceramics of talavera de Puebla did not originate in this city, was in it where he took the personality that now distinguishes it from its foundation in the colony. Eight centuries of Arab occupation of Spain left their mark on the culture of the conquerors, and part of it is reflected in…

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