Month: September 2021

Water Equal A Life

Fifteen liters of water is the least that a person needs a day, according to United Nations. Each Spanish consumes about 300 liters, and in United States, 400. Meanwhile, a person living in an impoverished country does not reach the ten litres a day. Access to drinking water is a fundamental right of people and…

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The Articulated

Two planes stand out in this phenomenon, first: establish relationships between objects, individuals, concepts and processes with the articulated sounds; Second, represent those sounds in some systems called Scriptures. Long, slow and quite unknown is the story in details of the evolution of what we today use routinely as Scripture, and it highlights the inexhaustible…

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Statistics says that in the Moscow region there are over twenty-two thousand taxis. Moscow taxi enjoys an incredible demand from themselves Muscovites. However, the number of taxis on today is five times less than that required in reality, but refers to the official taxi service for transport companies. This situation occurs because the make-taxi private…

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