Active Ingredients in Cosmetics

Huge selection of cosmetic products for skin care is able to meet the needs of every woman. It is surprising all the diversity of creams, lotions, scrubs and other products of cosmetology. Among the active components, such as traditional for us, medicinal herbs, chamomile, calendula, sequence and unusual plants, which many consumers have heard for the first time. How to understand all this diversity and to pick up, undoubtedly necessary goods? If your choice is often guided by the recommendations we have friends, vendors, colleagues, and sometimes, simply, attractive packaging. And bringing the house acquired the means disappointment understand that it does not suit our skin. It's time to winter frost is over, it's time to off-season – the gap is extremely difficult for our skin.

It faded, peeling, are suffering from beriberi, the most difficult of the year. For more information see this site: Restaurateur. Need intensive moisturizing the skin, because skin is weakened by the winter cold can not absorb nutrients useful components of cosmetics. Moreover, under the influence of fatty cream, which we used in the winter time, dry skin is worse to produce a natural fat, sebaceous glands and oily skin – on the contrary, excessively active. Certainly help to overcome seasonal dryness of the skin cycle moisturizing treatment, a base which they base their special creams, able to deposit (hold) the water balance of the skin at the cellular level. Not the news that avitaminozed season awakens in our special skin 'appetite' for vitamins. Rich daytime and nighttime wetting is necessary for the epidermis of the skin, as eighteen girls and the fairer sex who turned his thirtieth birthday.

For the ladies, whose skin still has not lost its natural reserve, most suitable tender vibes or low-fat cream structure, which include antioxidants, ceramides, vitamins A, C, F, coenzyme Q-10, and noni seed oil. When present in the fruit acids, your skin will receive the coveted velvet. For women over thirty essential tools to protect against light-induced aging (harmful ultraviolet rays), and pigmentation, that is 'armed' opaque UV filters and is very necessary at this time, anti-oxidants. Vitamin C is recognized today cosmetic medicine is very good antioxidant, actually commits to aging skin amazing things for capable of bleach (to delay the production of melanin), a collagen layer to revive, strengthen the vascular wall. Excellent creams have proven, high-quality whey with the effect of revitalayzinga (recovery). These miraculous elixir of youth should include squalene, avocado oil, shea butter, aloe vera concentrate and white tea, evening primrose oil, juice, noni, olive oil, plus phytoestrogens, chitosans, ceramides, protein hydrolysates, hyaluronic acid. They should not be wax, lanolin, and also fragrances. Always look for the product, it is no secret that the market of cosmetic products for skin care is a lot of 'chemical cocktail' in which the active ingredients are simply not available or are in such small insignificant parts that just can not give the skin an impact.