Actor Martin Sheen, who played Charles Fox, the father of Bud Fox – the real father of Charlie Sheen. In end of the film, when Bud Fox goes to court, we can see his picture: Actor Hal Halbruk (Hal Holbrook) plays a businessman named Lou Mannheim. Lou – the name chosen by Stone as a dedication to her father, Louis Stone (1910 – 1985), a broker on Wall Street, which died a year before the movie. Oliver Stone movie after admitted that the role of Bud Fox girlfriend better suited Sean Young, Daryl Hannah as. If you would like to know more then you should visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Andrea Thompson (Andrea Thompson), who played a prostitute who comes to Bud Fox home a few years played a detective in the TV series NYPD Blue.

She is currently leading the channel CNN. In 1987, Daryl Hannah, who played Derien, received antinagradu "Razzie" worst performer as a supporting actor. Bloopers: "After 30 seconds, after Challenger explosion Gordon Gekko is already sold shares NASA . As we know, the film takes place in 1985, the year, and Challenger, crashed in the tenth starting January 28, 1986. Michael Douglas seasoned smoker, but despite this he had a long can not get a cigarette from the pack during a trip in a limousine. In James Karen (James Karen) is visible microphone when he comes out of the new cabinet Bud Fox.

When Bud Fox is going with the Gecko in the limo outside the window the rain. In the next frame, When Bud got out and took some time, it may rain. Please note that the actor John C. McGinley (John C. McGinley) is the score: (2 seconds) – no more points in the scene where Gekko clarifies the relationship with Bud, on the street is rain. All as it should – wet coat Gekko: But after a couple of shots coat – dry: Note the number of people in the film's final scene, when Bud walks up the stairs: In the next shot, the number of people quite different: Miscellaneous: During the sale of apartments to Fox, the broker says the phrase: 'What can boast Westside? Charlie Sheen and Madonna. " Bud Fox bought the apartment for $ 950 000 According to the magazine Premiere phrase: "Greed – this is good 'part of the 100 Most popular phrases of the twentieth century film at number 70. And by a vote of the journal 'Time out' phrase: 'Greed – it's good' – takes the 8th place. In the movie "Hot Shots 2 (Hot Shots! Part Deux), where boats encountered Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen can be heard the phrase "Sweet played in 'Wall Street'!". After the movie "Wall Street" braces again in vogue. According to the editor of Los Angeles Times, after the movie the entire Los Angeles became the upsweep hair back and wear suspenders. In the film, you can see the computer ATT PC 6300 Anacott Steel, a fictional company from the film, as well as the name appears the football team from the movie The Longest Yard (1974). Want to get a freebie at 500 gold and 500 wood in the game Warcraft 3 – Enter cheat code "Greed – it's good ('Greed is Good'). Terrible for Americans 9:11 number appears in the film twice: