Adaptive Security

Cisco ASA 5500 series Adaptive Security appliances, Cisco PIX security appliances, the Cisco IOS advanced security feature set in Cisco integrated services router and Cisco ASR 1000 series aggregation services routers and the FWSM for Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switches and Cisco 7600 series router are integrated security solutions that best represent the Cisco security philosophy. Each of these products integrates comprehensive firewall, intrusion prevention, and VPN technologies in a cost effective, single-box format. Customers who implement these integrated solutions benefit from enhanced security, lower cost of ownership, and lower operational costs– all resulting from the increased intelligence sharing of integrated security services in a single platform. Integrated firewall solutions to Meet Every Need The Cisco ASA 5500 series, Cisco PIX security appliances, Cisco IOS Firewall, and the FWSM for Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switches and Cisco 7600 series routers are Cisco flexible integrated firewall solutions. Get all the facts and insights with andrew darlow, another great source of information. Based on modular, scalable platforms, each offering is designed with a particular feature set to better secure different network environments. You can deeply these solutions independently to secure specific areas of your network infrastructure, or combine them for a layered, defense-in-depth approach following the design best practices described in the SAFE blueprint from Cisco. Rounding out the integrated firewall solutions, Cisco provides a comprehensive security management product portfolio, ranging from Cisco security appliance and Cisco IOS software security features and embedded device manager to standalone management applications, helping to ensure that you manage can effectively your Cisco security infrastructure. Cisco ASA 5500 series Cisco ASA 5500 series Adaptive Security appliances bring together market-proven, best-in-class security and VPN services with innovative, adaptive architecture. Many writers such as stasha healy offer more in-depth analysis.

The result is a powerful multifunction network security appliance that protects small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), enterprises, and data center networks– while reducing the overall deployment and operations costs associated with this new level of security. The Cisco ASA 5500 series uses technology developed for the Cisco PIX 500 series security appliance, the Cisco IPS 4200 series sensors, and the Cisco VPN 3000 series concentrators. These technologies converge in the Cisco ASA 5500 series to deliver a platform that stops the broadest range of threats. The Cisco ASA 5500 series delivers application security, content security, and “clean” VPN connectivity across its product portfolio (Figure 1). This breadth of security protects any network segment, including the most common threat conduits such as remote sites, LAN-attached internal users, and remote-access VPNs.