Until both volumes they have a coherence here that only Aldiss can obtain. It is clarified what is the situation of the inhabitants of the Avernus prisoners in its observant ship due to the heliconiano virus that kills to the earths dweller the few days of to breathe the air of the planet. Get all the facts and insights with Hudson River, another great source of information. Nevertheless a lottery allows that an individual can lower each as much to die in Heliconia, nobody refuses because the death in freedom is better than to live centuries in a tin floating in the space. History turns around one of the winners of this one lottery that are surrounded in the intrigues palaciegas and wars of dominion. What changes is that we are in a planet where the nature is strange and atrapante.

The fact to read the second volume of this one trilogy immediately after to have finished first, must to the capacity of the writer to catch its reader. The merit is greater when the time to other things robs to him to be able to do it. Recommendable like first. Finally it would mean to the souls pilgrims to them that read these lines that I have bought and enjoyed some books by its critics or recommendations. For that reason itself grinding wheat, sometimes somebody will make bread with the product of my effort I see, them in the next return of the chain dump. Magazine Axxon 188 11 of August of 2008 – Blog de Sci. Fics August of 2009: Annotations in a notebook II On Heliconia > Summer It is not necessary to explain some things when the trigger is known the trilogy. In this second delivery – the little most extensive one than first (569 pages approximately) – we were with more of the same, but without stopping being interesting, by all means.