An applet is a component of an application that candy bar phone runs in the LG context of another program, eg a web browser. The applet must run within a container, which provides a program hosted by a plugin, or in plans applications such as mobile phones that support the applet programming model.
Unlike a program, an applet can not run independently, provides graphic and sometimes you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans interacts with the user typically has no session and security privileges restricted. An applet usually performs a free phones very specific function that has no HTC independent use. The term was introduced in AppleScript in 1993.
Common examples of applets are Java applets and Flash animations. Another example is the Windows Media Player used to display video files embedded in web browsers like Internet Explorer. Other plugins can display 3D models that work with an applet.
A Java applet is a Java code without a main cellular phones method, cellular providers so it is mainly used for web work, as it is a small program that is used in mobile phones an HTML page and represented by a small graphic display within it.
Moreover, the difference between a Java applet cell phones and is running as. To load a Java application using the Java interpreter (pcGRASP Auburn University, cellular coverage Microsoft Visual J, Sun Forte Visual Cafe). Instead, with every plan an applet can be loaded and run from any browser that supports Java (Netscape, Internet Explorer on Windows, Mozilla Firefox … etc).

The Java Community Process, the development of not only the technical specifications, but also Reference all the plans include Implementations (which prove that specs can be performed) and conformance test suites (Technology Compatibility Kits or TCKs), used to verify that implementations conform to the specifications. read more
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