Art Institute

A year before the end of the Art Institute, she suddenly falls into an extreme depression, and it leaves no (Girlfriend then told her mother) a painful foreboding, as it turned out – a premonition of death. In the two weeks before his death under the wheels of trains, she wrote a self-portrait with a black halo over his head. Even after her death, her mother recognizes the symbolic value of black halo. Beautiful name – "Black halo", but read mystery novel about a young artist with her premonitions nobody will, evil thoughts and associations will waft, now we must something simpler in style Comedy-club or at worst – Zadornov with his new theory of the Russian language. By the way, the story with a light bulb in his mouth back in the glorious 70-year told me about a classmate's father – a taxi driver, a witness and participant this incident, so let the alleged author of this joke is not lip rolls, it is not invented. However, go ahead. 2. This is my real dream that I had written before he melted away into the cool of the morning. By the way, one of the few decent quality, which has managed to instill our course Pyotr Naumovich – to hear the music of poetry and prose of Pushkin. "What can I do – I thought – how to apply, how to call it? Type I Shabby, more on ubivtsa like, but to cloak are uncomfortable sitting like a sack.