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Words are not processed by the brain processes images we see as we must save this text, applying the natural method of mental images, which is prayer grammar text is the set of words that makes complete sense and syntactic autonomy 1.-should emphasise the most important words set, words, complete sense, autonomy, syntactic 2.-must convert it to image title grammatical sentence. We think that we are praying with a grammar book under his arm. 3.-Must convert it to image the words underlined text 4.-must do 5 images mimicking.-we need to have a history must record in a logical order The first thing we must keep in memory is the title, accompanied by the images that are on the card. Prayer (a girl praying) and (a grammar book) and beside the words Gramatical headword after the GRAMMATICAL sentence title text is set, we must stress the Word set and encode the word joint with an image element that will make us remember a set of rock then have to do mimicry, I’m playing guitar, in my wholeIt is there when we recorded in our memory the boot image that is set and so on, the following words to images as shown on the card (the first image which I remind you is a set of) Rock), I see myself playing in a rock with my electric guitar set, then I get the Parrot, Parrot, emits words, I encode the word with a parrot and then I played the nose, ear, eye the tongue that are all the senses v’m coming together, as a whole, the Parrot, the senses, a car with MIA RBD and a soccer field, where you are explaining the tactics of soccer of my Barcelona team, that this tactic that makes fu that don’t win without (cartoon) make the example following the steps and UD be easily recalled that it is grammatical sentence. and so teachers and students have found a way of playing to learn grammar, using the method of mental images. In this way the brain recalls what sentence grammar Professor Luis Machado C if I write to mail can send them cards with examples system graphics original author and source of the article.. Speaking candidly New York Giants told us the story.