Blogs To Make Money

You can make money with a blog? How to make a profitable blog? These are the questions for all blogger milion! Questions, we sometimes eat the coconut without stopping. But yes, make money blogging, you can, and indeed there are many people who do. And the blogs are earning? You can make money? Yes, let the good guys win! Here I present a good example of a successful blog and quite profitable. The data are real and true, as the author’s own shares in her blog, so I assume that his word is trustworthy. NY museums wanted to know more. It is. It is an American blog, is in English, the author John Chow, the years in the Internet business, designing and selling websites, and your blog is nothing more and nothing less than how to make money online, so already you can get an idea of why your blog is so profitable.

But as profitable? Here you have the figures published by the same, for the month of May 2008: The Income Converts to $ 32529.40 USD. Here is the breakdown. Private Ad Sales: $ 16380.00 Affiliate Commissions: $ 9757.04 ReviewMe: $ 3,000.00 Text Link Ads: $ 2036.22 Kontera: $ 1,000.00 TTZ Media: $ 329.50 Subscription: $ 20.00 FeedBurner: $ 6.64 Grand Total: $ 32529.40 “Not bad, huh? This is the nice part of the story, but to get to this, there are a lot of work behind. And what has he done? The answer is, no doubt the popularity of the blog, in antiquity, in the techniques used to attract traffic and especially in the traffic of people, who visit every day: “Traffic went to the blog up to 323.435 183.633 page views from visitors, we keep talking about May 2008. And also, not in last place in the language – the English, and the potential that can generate traffic, and the subject chosen: Make Money! All related to money is a hook for you, for me, for all that you are involved in this in blogs, websites etc. .. And of course, and if you know how to do it, and you put effort, time, money and work it with perseverance and dedication, because being a “John Chow” more? all blogs do not really earn what you earn, much less, this is a isolated case, but not both, which serves as an example and couraje. But they can earn reasonable amounts with a blog, and there are many who, though not earn what you earn it, live it! So, friends, bloggers, keep blogging!