Bornholm Cult Show

Operators of the German coast radio stations now also available on audiobook considers some long outdated. But now in the age of computer, Internet and mobile phone the German coast radio stations with DP07, marine radio still have your permission. They accompany during the season, route and Board everyday and convey an almost nostalgic warmth. Not defiantly angry against modernism and the developments in the age of communication, this human services operates a basic need at sea, to Exchange and security, accompanied by people. The German coast radio stations around the sole operator and owner of Captain Reiner Dietzel are not only symbols of security but especially reliable structure and traditional instance for the mind. The often amusing Kustenschnack”after also idiosyncratically interpreted Lake weather report to write with, on the now 11 working channels by Dietzel, is a unique service for water sports. To listen not only to customers and supporters This service 5 x daily broadcasts of Borkum to Bornholm, making this service possible, and seeking the sympathetic owner for almost 10 years, but also denunzierte by Dietzel listen black fan groups, its neutral coverage for the skipper. This show has cult and his call to Hallmark,”one of the most prestigious journals of water sports wrote recently.

His sound and his style arrives, not least because one remembers the Dietzel for his audience really works and with his first sometimes sneered idealism and enthusiasm to preserve this important service is today more Pats on the back and admiration. “So good it also to the styles of Dietzel, that all his way with Understatemet in the collect telegram” packed an audiobook for the cult show, the gifts of the season number will not add one on North – and Baltic Sea. Where there is so little on this world, an audio CD from the ether of my holiday trips.” There were the Dietzel its customers every year on the Hamburg Hanseboot boat formally urged after his poetic classics from his conferences. So, perhaps this audiobook is a pragmatic solution that absolutely arrives, has spice and cries for continuation. So the story of the Seefunks has a lively radio service via FM further writes this story certainly long, giving a special trademark German water sports on the North and Baltic Sea may have a 200-year history, Dietzel and his Operatern. DPo7 marine radio is a privately owned company by the sole proprietor of Captain Reiner Dietzel, who after the closure of the parastatal coast radio stations of Telecom at 31 December 1998 (Norddeich radio), receives the German coast radio stations alive and is expanding. DPo7 reaches 45,000 maritime authorities reported to the Federal Network Agency on German boats. five times a day around the water sports, live in the cult show for all the DPo7 support the shipping forecast as well as area information. DPo7 service: AAIC Funkverkehrsabrechnung(weltweit); Marine radio calls via VHF; Placement of relay calls; MEDICO Gesprache(24h Funkarztliche Beratung erhalten); Travel reports; Lake radio telegram; AIS Watchkeeper(Yachtuberwachung auf See und INDEM Hafen); Mediation guest berths; Service and support for all of the charterer and skipper