BT Global Services

The employee has, in addition, that care be taken to not become addicted to work and telework becomes a synonym of social isolation, says Diego Vicente, Professor of IE, in Spain. But, above all, and according to this study, you will have to be very attentive to how it develops his professional career from the moment in which welcomes this way of working wholly or partly. For some workers this way of working allows them to make the most of your profession. To read more click here: NY museums . It is the case of Ellen Ferrara, Director of corporate relations of BT Global Services, who lives in United Kingdom and five months ago who works from his home, coinciding with the promotion to his current position. Ferrara explained to the Spanish newspaper Expansion & employment, now his workday is more flexible and manages to concentrate more on his work. However, it recognizes that it has lost relationships in the workplace.

Therefore believes that before opt for activity at a distance it is recommended to work in the Office. Indeed, BT does not offer this facility to none of their employees with less than one year’s seniority in the company, points out. Edouard Castellant, Chief of Nortel in France, agrees with this view and says that if professionals want to Ascend, passing five days a week out of the Office, it is not the most appropriate way. Combining telework and physical presence it is Daniel Catafal, senior de Telefonica of Spain project manager working method. For more than three years, Catafal develops 40 per cent of their work outside the Office. Thus, he agreed that telework brings some solitude and loss of networking. Although it is blunt to say that what really matters in this type of modality is the orientation to goals and projects it has a much more important than my presence weight in telephone installations.