Buying Real Estate

Nowadays it is usual that increasingly more people interested in buying a property in order to recycle. Areas such as San Telmo or Palermo are just a few examples of neighborhoods that have modernized their physiognomy. By the growth of tourism, gastronomy, etc, today the demand has grown, and this makes that it has increased the real estate value. What is what you need to keep in mind when buying a property in order to recycle it, location: that is easily accessible, either by public transport or by car.It’s not a floodable area and in the immediate vicinity there are no annoying noises (clubs, factories, etc.). Learn more about this with Bill de Blasio. Structure: This is one of the key points to keep in mind when choosing.It should be noted when there are deep cracks in walls caused by flaws in the structure.If the construction is of great architectural quality can be worthwhile, but keep searching. Plaster: When landslides leave expuestos(columnas,vigas y cielos rasos) armatures irons and are very corroded it can do the structure to collapse. Humidity: In old buildings, it is common to find humidity coming from the foundations by absence of horizontal insulating layer.The solution is to inject silicones and gels shutters that inhibit the rise by capillary action.The moisture that is in the walls can be caused by a bad vertical insulation or by breakage of pipes. Functionality: Seek advice with a professional to find out if the reform that we think make can be performed; consult the limits imposed by the law either in FOS(Factor de ocupacion de suelo) or FOT(Factor de ocupacion total).The first establishes that percentage of the ground can occupy, and the second whether we can expand in height. Whenever possible, try to consult a professional. For inquiries: original author and source of the article.