Capital Marketing

The high direction of any company knows that the intellectual capital is its main Asset and main competitive differential. If the companies come strengthening its intellectual capitals, the consumer also come passing for this process, therefore it is inserted in the system and comes increasing considerably its data base (in its mind), on products and suppliers, because its access to the information is each facilitated time more. In this parallel, one perceives that, in a marketing campaign, two opposing forces will act: The intellectual capital of the marketing staff, creating half to reach the mind of the consumer, and the intellectual capital of the consumer, reacting to such strategies. This because, with the cited changes, the modern consumer became more demanding, is questionador, is more expert. Thus, the objective of this article is to show as the intellectual capital of an organization can influence in the elaboration and the results of its marketing strategies.

The article is composed of five parts. The introduction, that shows the current context; the development of the subject, on the basis of the final theories of diverse authors, consideraes, suggestions for future studies e, finally, the bibliographical references. The Intellectual Capital and its Influence in the Marketing For Chiavenato (2005), the value of market of the organizations does not depend its physical patrimonial value more than, but mainly of its intellectual capital. today the companies are investing in this intangible one to increase its competitive advantages, with innovative and creative ideas, that come from the knowledge, that is in the head of the people. According to Stewart (1998), all organization is possessing of valuable intellectual materials under the form of asset and resources, tacit and explicit perspectives and capacities, data, information, knowledge and perhaps wisdom; the great question is: where to find them? In this direction, Stewart (1998, p.47) comments that ' ' In the age of the Intellectual Capital, the parts most valuable of the works if had become essentially tasks human beings: to feel, to act, to create and to develop relacionamentos' '.