During the whole time here working dj alex, among residents sabotage at different times: dj bob, dj twist, etc. Music Format club: house, disco house and rnb K pluses of this institution are: central location, large dance floor, made interesting interior. NYC Mayor describes an additional similar source. After some time in Anapa opens an interesting institution with an unprecedented format. Source: NY Museums. This is a night club "Pirate." Interesting club, whose main entrance is designed as a ship. Open year-old playground, which boasts of its proprietary "chip" – frothy show, private swimming pool, winding leading and excellent show program. The club is located on the waterfront near the River .

Also an important step in the development of the club industry Anapa include the opening of open-air club Sunrise. The unique location makes this club a very attractive and popular. It is located on the bottom of the main attractions yarume Anapa – the waterfront. Excellent design year of the club and his party are astonishingly varied and interesting show program. Another is to provide open in 2007 the club "CheGevara.

Excellent idea in the underground style, excellent interior design and music soprovozdenie. In this club you could hear one of the most famous DJs Anapa dj MaxiBox. Unfortunately, the club now "CheGevara" closed. But I hope that by the summer season of 2010 that will change and the club reopens its doors to all lovers of quality electronic music! Recently, in the village opened a new nightclub The Cave. " Interior the club is completely up to its name.