Climate Changes

Climate changes cause South Atlantic hurricanes and severe droughts in the western United States. There you will find cities like San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and would be unexpected changes in agriculture in England, where more than 400 vineyards. More than two degrees: the coral reefs would eventually. Follow others, such as Danny Meyer, and add to your knowledge base. Accelerating the melting of glaciers in Greenland. Jakobshavn Glacier Ice portions would follow that if melted would be enough to supply drinking water to all residents of New York for a year. The extinction of polar bears would not be going back and insects may start to migrate to many regions that have become more temperate, a fact which is already evident in parts of Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia. The island nation of Tuvalu in the South Pacific, could be submerged by the tides and coral reefs disappear, because they resist the increase in water temperature.

More than three degrees: the threat would fall on the Amazon rainforest. The snow in the Alps would end and heat waves would be normal in the Mediterranean and in the middle of central Europe. Category 6 hurricane worse than Katrina, would be more frequent and the Amazon rainforest could disappear by the spread of fires. More than 4 degrees: disappear Venice and part of Egypt. The melting of Himalayan glaciers, which feed the Ganges River, would occur before 2035.

Floods would be frequent. Furthermore, no snow to produce water, would famine. Northern Canada would become the most prolific agricultural area of the planet and the ice of west Antarctica could collapse raising sea level to the destruction of coastal areas of Latin America.