Coach Success

“Sales trainer A. Peter Kunzweiler: sales is not all but without distribution everything is Dusseldorf nothing, 16.08.2010 – increasingly difficult markets, increasing customer needs and in parallel increased competition across almost all industries it is essential that every employee in the company about the importance of the sale will be more aware and appropriately aligns its functioning”, calls for sales trainer and Coach A. Peter Kunzweiler by ProConception from Dusseldorf. Thinking and acting of the different departments, all employees and managers must therefore increasingly be directed on the direction of the sale and the sale. Every employee involved in the business process must be clear that all efforts of the company to success to failure are doomed without sales. Busy bodies has compatible beliefs. Therefore a particular importance to company sales and sales, ideally to subordinate all other operational functions have: there are that the success or failure of the markets, Choose a company and about whether the products and services of the company from the market successfully adopted or not.

The distribution should a parent in the hierarchy of the company or at least occupy a key role. The awareness of all departments and employees for the needs of the sales is”a crucial factor for the success of the entire company, A. Peter Kunzweiler argues. The trail leads to more sales success in his opinion, modern sales training and additional training on-the-job. This multi-tiered concept, on the one hand and knowledge taught in seminar style and on the other hand through the training-on-the-job, by for example the coach accompanied the seller such as customer visits and then gives them feedback, knowledge and new findings best internalized. Also coached the coach again depending on the needs identified in the discussions with customers and other development goals with the employee, agreed to the next date are to be achieved. We have had good experience with this combination of seminar and training-on-the-job, the employees receive not only individual, isolated pulses, extent to which they should change their behavior and strategy. You will be accompanied this special combination, to replace their previous behavior pattern, with new more targeted”A. Peter Kunzweiler from Dusseldorf describes this process.