CSI Germany Presents: Mark A. Gabriel – Challenge Islam!

Invitation to the press conference and expert discussion – a former Al-Azhar Professor reported the Christian human rights organization CSI Germany is committed to the task, to denounce human rights violations and to help persecuted, committed to the enforcement of the freedom of religion and helping those persecuted by faith, children and disaster victims. Mark A. Gabriel was Professor of Islamic history at the most influential, 1000-year-old Al-Azhar University (Centre of Islamic scholarship and Supreme Court for 1 billion Sunnis worldwide) in Cairo and Imam in Giza. At the age of 28, he was one of the youngest teachers, the University ever had. He was arrested and critical questions about Islam and had to flee to Egypt. He converted to Christianity, now lives in the United States and he has been with the security authorities as an Islam expert. Mark A. Gabriel is the author of several books, deals with the tension between Islam and modernism and explores the roots of modern Islamist terrorism.

He is the only former Al-Azhar Professor worldwide, the authentic learned beliefs can report there. Aneeqa Maria Akhtar, one of the youngest and most successful lawyers of Christian faith in Pakistan that has represented for the human rights organization CLASS Christian converts in Pakistani court. For that she was threatened by Muslim extremists to death and had to flee Pakistan in 2008. She is now working for the international society for Human Rights ISHR) and holds lectures about the situation in Pakistan.