Dangerous Books

Difficult times and dangerous Books. Those were difficult times. The military blow blows up, the revolt and the fidget was in air. The embryo of the revolution was in all place. Until one it fights of cachorros of street the people took left, said that one was communist another capitalist. It was a direful dualism.

Aristarch Demetrio Panaroto. The director of one of the most famous universities of So Paulo was worried. It was year where if he carried through in its university one frum of debates politicians. It already is militant of the communist party. Its father, owner of a net of bakeries. Anarchic Italian immigrant, did not tolerate the inclination politics of its son. He did not need to strengthen itself very to make to give up it the militancy.

Friends called it to the party small burguesinho, and ridicularizaram for being son of the owner of the net of Panaroto bakeries. One forms in mestrado sociology and in sciences politics, and if he becomes director of the university. By the same author: Santa Claus Frappuccino. It did not want confusion, already he had passed of the age to give bad examples, only wanted to preserve its position and to give good advice. The Frum was with the marked date. The students of the administration were in favor of the military, whereas of philosophy and the licenciaturas were against. The director foresaw that he would have confusion. Geraldo Wandr was imprisoned for having sung in a festival of the song ‘ ‘ It does not go to say that I did not speak of flores’ ‘. The exit was to change the name of frum. They had intitled it ‘ ‘ The Arepago’ ‘ in reference to the great assembly that the Greeks carried through to know to argue them of the time. The only Christian who participated of one arepago was Pablo.