Developing Your Business

I'm sure many of you know the difference between the business for money and material gain, and his favorite thing. This is totally different and contradictory in its content concepts. As you know, the goal of a conventional business – to provide money for themselves and their families to become financially independent. Of course, people are not plotting anything wrong. He just wants to live a normal, in his understanding of life and to feel confident tomorrow. But when the newly-made businessman faces are not always friendly reality, he just has to behave sometimes not entirely honest.

Taxes, inspections, competition, lack of demand, fastidious clients. And you have to dodge, cheapen the cost of production, purchasing raw materials more cheaply (and worse), to embellish the dignity of its product to customers, and to be honest, sometimes just deceive their customers. Here is an example. My friend decided to build a house from an environmentally friendly material. Chose the house of timber. I walked a few companies that offer such services. They certainly touted their products as they could. Simply jaw droops on such information.

But my friend was not a fool, and decided to look at homes built by these companies in action. He asked them this information and become bypass built their facilities. And he did it deliberately in the winter to check out a house in extreme conditions. And how was he surprised when he discovered that the managers of these companies told him things that were complete the opposite of reality. In fact, all these companies have used for the construction of raw wood, so as to dry it and keep at this for them was too expensive.