Dresden Elbe

“Thanks to Roland Kaisers stage presence and his qualities as an entertainer of the Studio success can be live implement: the Emperor-Mania”, with the annual open air concerts on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden started, he took up as a party concept and brought in the context of the film nights at the Dresden Elbe-born, in this form unique concert program, in 2007 for the first time also in other German cities on the stage. The Emperor Mania open air the fans in August 2009 celebrated after the concert end up far in the early hours of the morning further to Emperor songs. The Dresdner Emperor Mania 2009 (RIA) is one of the highlights of the year! As a convinced Social Democrat, Roland Kaiser is active in addition to his stage career in the social area. The native Berliner as a member of the Board of the solidarity fund Castrop-rauxel is committed to additional apprenticeships and the reintegration of long-term unemployed into working life. For his social Engagementwurde Roland Kaiser of Chancellor Gerhard Schroder of the employment of the solidarity fund Castrop-rauxel award. In the election campaign 2005, Roland Kaiser is since 2002, Member of the SPD, recruited for SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schroder. Roland Kaiser “also Ambassador of children hospizes Mitteldeutschland e.V.

in Tambach – Dietharz, Albert Swiss – children’s villages and pacemaker” of Tom Wahlig Foundation. With the current GIBLINGE project, the acclaimed pop Emperor, which so far mostly filled concert halls and brought each party by its title to cooking shows of his fantastic”page: the 4 episodes of the drama series the GIBLINGE were presented in the book on the book fairs in Leipzig and Frankfurt. Strong partners like the Foundation support the project, which is equally appealing with plays such as also the same books to read and read to children, as also their families, reading, the Albert-Schweitzer – children’s villages and the Foundation children Hospice Mitteldeutschland e.V..