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Brighter is the potential story right close to the stories is based on Moses, the Gesetzestafel, the construction of the temple and the actual role of the Ark of the Covenant. In time considered that in the early history of Judah and Israel not necessarily Yahweh stood in the center of the cult, but that it likely Bel and Asherah were, the slightly older deities from the home of striking. Heller reconstructed how the famous chest might have looked, what role she once played and why micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi, but also evil small animals such as worms and Woodlice are responsible for the reader not digging comprehensible, that the loading is rots easily not more searchable say. Missing things always again happy to provide conversation piece. And so we meet again the Ark of the Covenant in some works and dazzling forms. Author and archaeologist Heller presents a highly interesting book by the reader though less spectacularly, but realistically it may experience with the search after the Ark of the Covenant.

Peter W.F. Heller: “the sign of the Allerheiligstens. The search for the Ark of the Covenant’ ISBN 978-3-86901-507-1 1st Edition 09/2009 in the Engelsdorfer Verlag Leipzig language: german, paperback, 271 pages, ill. SW. Fig. price: 14.00 EUR book blurb: Peter W.F Heller, born in 1948, archaeologist and author, follow the trail of the mysterious Ark of the Covenant from their beginnings in this popular science work.

The Old Testament Bible texts reveal themselves as false trails, intentionally laid more than 2500 years ago. In an appropriate balance between scientific accuracy and Allgemeinverstandlichkeit, Heller scrolls a biblical story, as the reader as yet has not been seen. What was the Ark of the Covenant really, a manifestation of God or a symbol of power, a machine that is life-giving, or a lethal weapon? And the tablets with the ten were kept in her actually commandments? In which letters were carved the commandments in the panels and who were the Cherubim? Nebuchadnezzar burned the Ark of the Covenant in the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple? Or could she be saved and brought by the Crusaders to Europe? Not everything turns out at the end as truth, what you first think you see…