Etienne Le Cruz

An experience which lays the groundwork for Rosenns deep connection with this art form. As high school students, he uses the street as a stage on a tour of Germany for his performances. Back in Israel, he created his first solo program that is listed in the Pargod Theater (Jerusalem) as high school students. “The audience is enthusiastic and the art of pantomime attracts Rosenn finally captivated: before compulsory collection travels to army service he to Paris, to Etienne Le Cruz, the father of modern pantomime” and teacher of Marcel Marceau, to study. After entering the military service, Hanoch Rosenn is officially recognized as a MIME artist and are numerous shows in Israel also in cooperation with other artists during his three-year army. NY Museums: the source for more info. in 1980, towards the end of his army service, Rosenn is the Director of all entertainment shows in the Israeli military appointed and is responsible for the arrangement and choreography of the programs.

Even after the army time Hanoch Rosenn continued his pantomime. He responsible among other things for a show at the theater of Tel Aviv is presented and makes guest appearances from 1981-1984 in the whole country. “” At the same time the playing Rosenn on the side of Hanna Lasloo in the musical plan gate from outer space”, as well as in the popular Israeli television broadcast two same of the child”, where he as a panto “for the first time a very wide audience is known. In 1984, a program on his reel name, which he directed and in which he also plays with receives the renowned harp of David “award in the category family show”. 1985, Rosenn in the United States, where he intensively dedicated to the artistry, occurs in different locations and a commercial pantomime competition travel the price of best pantomime in New York”WINS. “A year later, he returns home and developed the pantomime don’t pine me down”, which he over a thousand times in Israel are among the best and she will also perform in 1987 for six months on Broadway.