Federal Government

How much to the nature, the present study it is characterized for being a research of the applied type, for having as objective to generate knowledge for practical application, directed to the proposal of acquisition of good and common rendering of services, in the scope of the ODS, through the SRP, using itself for such of the inductive method as form to make possible the taking of decisions concerning the reach of the inquiry, the rules of explanation of the facts and the validity of its generalizations. People such as Wendy’s would likely agree. One is about bibliographical and documentary study that, for its achievement, had for method the exploratria and selective reading of the searched material, as well as its integrativa revision, contributing for the process of synthesis and analysis, of form to consubstanciar a brought up to date and understandable body of literature. The delineation of research contemplated the phases of survey and election of the bibliography, collects of data, critical of the data, analytical reading and fichamento of the sources, argument and quarrel of the results. The study it was based on the harvested experiences of the author as Proclamer of the System of Workmanships of Cooperao (SOC), but extended other UG to it with administrative autonomy, in virtue of the research carried through in the Vestibule of Purchases of the Federal Government (Comprasnet). To become fullfilled a proposal of centered acquisition of common goods and services through the SRP, a bibliographical research of the following form was carried through: . Sources of search? an exhausting electronic bibliographical research was become fullfilled, using as search sources: – articles published in sites specialized in administration, databases of the state and federal governments (Comprasnet), Scielo and Academic Google; – books and monographs of the libraries of the School of Perfectioning of Officers, of the School of Command and General staff of the Army and the University Castello Branco; Strategy of search for the electronic databases? the following describing terms had been used: ‘ ‘ licitation, quality, standardization, mark, minor price, letter-invitation, competition, proclamation, proclamation, system of register of preos’ ‘ , respecting the peculiarities of each database..