Fifth Avenue One

New York has so much to offer and the Central Park is one of the Central Park is a masterpiece of horticultural design. He pulls on an area of approximately 840 morning country and lies between the 59th and 110th Street. The enormous park along a width of two and a half miles between the fifth and eighth Avenue, he is about a half-mile wide. Central Park serves as a huge playground for children and is also much sought after as a popular outing destination for the parents. The Park is kept very well in the shot.

If it should look even slightly shabby at one point, that may be no more than on the high number of visitors. If you want to explore the park for themselves, it joins best the major flows of visitors, who move through it. But if you rather want to go alone to get best New York City plan”as a guide. The entrance to the Park is located at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue. Between the 59th and 58th Street FOUNTAIN is equal to the PULITZER Memorial with one Sculpture by Karl bitter. Just across the street at the entrance of the Park St.

Gaudens Bronze Horseman, the STATUE OF GENERAL SHERMAN, is one of the most sublime works of New York. Located in the heart of the Park is a small lake, where a retreat and a feeding station for migratory birds and other water birds were built up. Just a little bit further north is waiting for a menagerie Avenue and 64th Street, the CENTRAL PARK MENAGERIE height fifth. This again recently opened animal show called also storybook Zoo, the entire scene is reminiscent of a true fairy tales for children. Especially great is not, but in the animals offers you an interesting variety. The main attraction is an impressive swimming pool with sea lions.