Frankfurt Central Station

Pure perfection conjures Wiesbaden for the mineral water Acqua Panna a piece of Tuscany in the main hall, the August 30, 2011 as the passers-by in the Frankfurt main train station were amazed: suddenly turned a FlashMob of the bustling main hall in a Tuscan Piazza – very stylish with Cypress, long boards and Mediterranean specialities. The event agency was pure perfection, which surprisingly and impressively staged so that the natural mineral water Acqua Panna of their customers of Nestle Waters behind the action. That was the most surprising of the summer. A great Italian fountain was suddenly in the middle of the main hall of the Frankfurt main railway station. The faithful reproduction of the Italian Acqua Panna fountain point fell 13:00 the launch of a unique Flash mob, which turned the Hall into a small piece of Tuscany within a very short time.

Hard-working helpers, which rolled out carpets, set up tables, planted Cypress and made statues caused appeared from every corner of the train station. Street musicians voted Italian songs to and costumed actors covered their positions as a friendly host and master of ceremonies. The result was two panels lovingly Tuscan decorated long down to the last detail. Just as with Mama”, passers-by commented on the young exceptional sight. The culinary feast could start. Nearly 100 charged journalists took place at the long tables and enjoyed Tuscan delicacies, from antipasti of to freshly sliced fennel salami and small chips of veal in light lemon sauce. The food the waiter ranged the journalists Acqua Panna natural mineral water. We wanted to stage the brand world of Acqua Panna particularly surprisingly, Italian and unique”, Bernd explains pure perfection of the idea behind this whey by the Agency managed PR campaign.

To achieve this, the creative team had from Wiesbaden developed not only a clever concept, but also logistically moving worlds. Frankfurt central station there are no suitable storage facilities”, explains Bernd whey one of the challenges. From vans before the Side entrances, temporary storage shelves and even from the flower shop of the station, so the 60-strong team dragged all materials precisely in the main hall. A precise studied choreography at the pure perfection leaving nothing to chance. This effort was rewarded. The journalists were able to enjoy the Italian zest for life, embodied by the mineral water Acqua Panna, with all your senses. And also the passers-by were cleverly included in the action. Around the Piazza, promotion teams of pure perfection ready to distribute Acqua Panna water bottles. So, the brand’s message about the actual PR Action also in the consumer sector was transported. About pure perfection pure perfection is an owner-managed premium Agency for events and incentive trips, under the slogan we love the challenge,”extraordinary events and incentive travel perfectly designed and implemented. The internationally active professionals provide creative ideas, design, research, design, project management and event controlling from a single source.