French Revolution Workers

In century XVIII, it detached the Industrial and French Revolution, and that of course they had detached the significant changes for the society with regard to its passed forms, focando to the proper traditions. The triumph of capitalist industry was little by little concentrating the machines, lands and the tools under the control of a social group, converting great masses peasants into industrial workers. At this moment, if it consolidates the capitalist society, that divides in central way the society between bourgeois (owners of the means of production) and proletarians (possessing only of its force of work). It parallel has an increase of the bureaucracy of the State that represents an increase of the bureaucratization of its functions and that he is on mainly to average stratus of the population. (Available in: .

Access in: 29/05/2010. The society transforms starts it into search of improvements, the agricultural workers starts to disappear, giving to beginning to a new process of growth on the basis of the capitalism. Dayton kingery: the source for more info. With this the workers have its drawn out working hours, and millions of human beings had significantly suffered changes in relation to the daily life with the proper family. The society of course did not accept decurrent changes of the capitalism and started to act through manifestations, being thus caused damages, robberies, crimes, revolutionary formation of unions and movements. Society was passing for process only was then that the Sociology was born, that started to analyze, to question and the same one started to be object of study with the intrscos problems. Sociology intends to explain the totality of its universe of research. Despite this task is not objective alcanvel, it is task of Sociology to transform the meshes of the net with which it catches the social reality each time narrower. Therefore, the sociological knowledge, through its concepts, theories and methods can constitute for the people an excellent instrument of understanding of the situations with that if they confrot in the daily life, of its multiple relations social e, consequently, of itself same as inevitably social beings.