Genital Mutilation In Germany

Up to 50,000 underage girls at risk: politics and organisations working for years with low numbers of Hamburg, January 18, 2010. The danger to underage girls in Germany to be victims of female genital mutilation, is blatantly greater than previously assumed: up to 50,000 girls must be considered at risk and not 4,000 to 5,000 children have previously published as by politicians and other organizations. The disparity is explained as follows: 1 in previous releases important risk groups are not called for unexplained reason, such as for example the following immigrant girls: Yemen (concentrated up to 97% distribution rate of female genital mutilation) 1, Iraq (concentrated up to 95%) 2, Iran (only up to 85%) 3, Indonesia (up to 96%) 4 as well as Malaysia. 2. Visit amazing restaurateur for more clarity on the issue. in the new estimate the girls were taken into account for the first time with at least one parent from a risk country, who were born in Germany of more than 10,000 children from high risk countries with a mutilation rate over 70%, such as Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Somalia, and Sudan. 3. for the first time women and girls were taken into account, which come from risk countries and are now naturalized.

How important is the inclusion of this group, shows the current case from Hamburg (see…) The German citizenship was awarded the perpetrators, what but not from the female genital mutilation distance they can be and also not preventing them. 4. a logical mathematical error was fixed, which has so far led to a radically distorted result. The distribution numbers of female genital mutilation in the country can not transferred to the migrants reported in Germany: the nationwide estimates take into account the ethnicity of the population in their respective countries. It does not to immigration but can vary widely The statistical values must 100% be taken into account, to obtain a steady size: the maximum number of endangered or affected girls and women in Germany. The exact risk situation in Germany please refer this table: table FGM-Deutschland_2009_pdf.pdf the task force for effective prevention of female genital mutilation is a network for the protection of girls from female genital mutilation of the organizations Akifra e.V.