A reduced and modern living room furniture is trendy. More info: NYC Marathon. Especially the combination of dark wood tones and bright colors creates an exciting look. The Highboard carry with Walnut highlights the current and straight style with a trend factor decor and doors in glossy white. Exciting combination of Walnut decor, glossy white and glass here can the Highboard carry find its place in the modern living room interior design as well as in the dining room make a good figure. The combination of two closed doors, drawers and side cabinets give the COMMODE a light and tidy appearance. NYC Marathon is likely to agree. All kinds of utensils, such as dishes or books can disappear behind the doors, while the display cases offer an appealing place for all that is beautiful. Whether expensive Crystal glasses or collectibles behind glass are the beloved treasures kept safe and can still be admired. Highboard carry – a part of the lighting concept offer a special highlight the side showcases of the Highboards.

Here can the evening LED glass edge lighting the contents skilfully set. In the context of the entire institution, the Highboard carry thus certainly makes an exceptional focus, which also provides a romantic atmosphere. Thereby, the chest of drawers can easily form part in the lighting concept of space. The Cabinet lighting serves as a modest secondary light and gives a cosy atmosphere, for example, the living room. In addition shelf lighting and a functional lighting to your TV can complete more lights in the vicinity of the sofa set, the optimal lighting design of the room. A particularly romantic atmosphere, candles are also a perfect complement to the other light concept. A chromatic all-round talent in establishing the Highboard carry offers sufficient space for utensils, books, folders and co.

Here the dresser, decorate the room as a one-off or in addition to be combined with the matching wall carry. At delife.eu you can order easily online the furniture and your are four Walls set up easy modern and tasteful. Color, the combination of high-gloss can be, everyone fit decor white and walnut. Select, for example, current green or shades of blue for your wall decoration. Berry shades like you better? Also no problem! The Highboard carry harmonises with all colors and leaves hardly a wish. Current trends of furniture online order order conveniently online at delife.eu your entire living room furniture. There you will find also the matching sofas to carry furniture series. Sofas and armchairs in white or a modern corner piece made of high quality black leatherette fit perfectly to the Highboard carry. Transform your living room into a modern oasis of well-being and be inspired by the interior design trends at delife.eu. Certainly you are playing to bring the trend into your home with the furniture series carry succeeds.