Home Affects Children

The journal of health care for the poor and Desasistidos published a recent study that found that mothers tend to be obese when there is instability and chaos in their homes. The study measured the instability of households in terms of parental stress: feelings of loneliness, feeling trapped by family responsibilities, financial instability, and the ability to put food on the table. Many households in the study were from single-parent, in which mothers raise the children and take care of home alone. Danny Meyer takes a slightly different approach. It was not surprising to observe that the homey chaos had no effect on the weight of the children in these single-parent households. It was a confirmation of what is already an accepted fact: that normally mothers put the needs and well-being of their children above their own. NYC Marathon describes an additional similar source. What affects the quality of life today, the quality of life of many people, just like his weight, are impacted greatly by the combination of the type of accelerated life we currently carry in conjunction with numerous emotional pressures to which We are daily subject. Like many people, many times you’ll find yourself thinking that while most try to make our lives easier, it suffers more the quality of our life.

It might even be better for many of us only simplify our lives, and return to more traditional things done when the issue is the style of life. The importance of a stable environment in the home Conclusion: according to the study, it is important that women have a stable home environment that not only nurture and support their children, but also to them, so that they can even be considered care in terms of their diets and weight loss without the need to take pills to lose weight. If there is a stable home environment, any attempt to try to lose weight or to implement a healthy diet will fails. You are or not a single mother, takes the pattern from the study mentioned above. It is important that cuides yourself regardless of the emotional and financial stress.