Hopefully Hertha

Now all of Berlin by the title dreams. Everything is possible. Hertha has a run at the moment. You play not always beautiful, but extremely effective. The most important but are the nerves. Cottbus as a key game? The Berlin-Brandenburg Derby against FC Energie Cottbus could be a key game for Lucien Favre’s young team.

Although behind the team did not give up and fought. “The coach made it that the players remained calm and believed in their strength and so recorded a 3-1 victory at the end of the Cottbus curse” (the last victory against Cottbus dates from the year 2002) defeated. Especially a player is Andrey Voronin in sight – for weeks. The 29 was loaned by Liverpool F.C. and scored the Hertha almost single-handedly at the top.

If he stays fit and keep up the good hits, Hertha can continue dreaming of the title. There are still 11 games to complete. Maybe I am right with my forecast, and Hertha the title repeated in Cologne. Should the decision only to fall on the final day, some with Argus eyes will look to Karlsruhe. All of the Club, with a heartfelt fan friendship Hertha supporters could decide everything. Imagine just the following scenario before: If Hertha WINS they are masters, but if loses the KSC he descends. The horror for the fans of both camps. But until that time, a lot is going to happen. Hopefully Hertha remain so cool and is not the crazy make the media frenzy in the capital. Then everything is possible. “Who knows, maybe tackle Andrey Voronin the Championship trophy into the Berlin night sky on 23 May and celebrates at the Brandenburg Gate with the words of John F. Kennedy: I am a Berliner.”