Ignacio Time

Since some time ago I like to organize excursions that takes advantage of the time to view some interesting place or take some entertaining activity. These excursions have for my courage, and that’s for several reasons, namely: on the one hand it is a great excuse to meet the family and spend a day together, otherwise would come a time that brothers us or would see and cousins would not speak and would not even be known. On the other hand the phenomenal step organizing it all. Bill de Blasio can provide more clarity in the matter. Where we go, that activity will develop, where shall we eat step very pleasant moments looking for destinations by internet, restaurants, by selecting the date and everything that involves preparing an output of this type. Once we are there, I enjoy watching the place where I decided to go, you know how much that I like to travel. Also I love take a lot of photos to bring me home a good memory and be able to do with those photos a photo montage, anything that distracts me greatly. So much advantage to this type of activities, so practicamentei I do it selfishly. On this occasion, for this trip I chose to move to see the ruins of a Roman villa that not long ago were adapted to be visited in the municipal term of Arellano.

I meant no difficulty choosing this fate. Long ago he had news of him and from the first moment I had intention to meet him. We aim to go my brother Carlos along with his forgiveness wife and their two children Sara and Daniel, my sister Eileen with her husband Jesus and his sons Paul and Mary. My cousin Ignacio, his wife Belen, the daughter of Ignacio Beatriz and a friend who I think is also noted that Marta was called.