Immanuel Kant

In understanding, man uses symbols sense images. He is involved in a world of characters and in a community that uses a common language. Not only in texts, but in all human creations sense be interpretation is entered, a hermeneutical task is to read out. u0085 In modern times, its scope widened, she evolved into a general doctrine of the conditions and methods of proper interpretation and a philosophy of understanding. With the insight into the limits of human cognition ability significantly promoted by Immanuel Kant, among others the problem of historical ties of human thought and understanding was for hermeneutics since the 19th century. …

… Idealistic opinion, understanding is a way of being in the world itself sets out. A more intuitive approach sees understanding as something immediate, which precedes any reflection of all knowledge and the discursive discuss thinking underlies. Source:, from, author statisticians consider the preceding events (certainty) recursively and pull towards the future interpretation (probability) these events and mathematical numbers cemeteries (E.g. GDP)! The subjective interpretation is complemented by the mathematical objectification (normal distribution, etc.). Probability and coincidence is an explanation of humanity, to understand the uncertainty of the universe and the intangible substance to give a quantitative measure between 0 and 100%.

Source: Air D. Aczel: the normally distributed random. The less someone knows the more must they attract visible objects as a tool and interpret for their own purposes. For smart and Bauernschlaue the respective performance threshold is the interpretation and methodology. Copyright 2011 by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! (My Info Center: WWWSchwalm #)