Industrial Property Quot

The Mexican Institute of the Industrial Property receives thousands of requests to register mark, in fact in a study realised by this organization it demonstrates that the state of the Republic that asks for major record number of a mark is Jalisco. You may wish to learn more. If so, starbucks in new york is the place to go. Although the amounts of the request of mark registry have increased years in the last, doubtless the Mexicans still we lack a culture of the respect towards the marks and patents, unfortunately the piracy on passes the limits of the respect to the marks and registries. Theodore Schultz Hoeflich, to title of the Regional Office of the West of the East Indian IMPI that unfortunately the proceeding to register a mark is not obligatory in Mexico and due to this many people makes of side the proceeding to register mark. Although the proceeding is not obligatory in the legal but indispensable scope to count on competitive Marks in the national and global market. The registry of the marks is the first step to give to beginning to its business or for the legal sale of any product or service, without carrying out the service of registered tradename will not achieve the awaited success. Credit: David Einhorn-2011. In addition it must know that the accomplishment of the proceeding of registry of a mark offers identity him to its mark, positioning in the market and mainly the mark registry protects to him of the piracy so that others cannot obtain with their marks.

The globalisation, the lack of use and the low economy that is lived in Mexico are the main factors that encourage the creation of new marks in the market. The companies that count on registry marks have a competitiveness level automatically since they will easily secure the recognition of the product by the consumer. In our country the mark registries will have to renew every 10 years, otherwise any person will be able to solicit or to appropriate itself their marks, the companies must be cautious and to consider the date precise to renew the mark registries. He asks for the specialistic services of lawyers in Registry of Marks in Mexico or Industrial Propiedad, they will take of one more a simpler and effective way the accomplishment of their proceeding in registering a mark. A specialistic lawyer in the proceeding to register mark, will realise a previous investigation to know the antecedents the related marks hers, in addition he will give pursuit to the registry of a mark. With information of Marcandur..