Inflatable Bed

I got home on the bed. Buy a bed, and then, on the old bed was not possible. It is easy to say buy a bed. More or less decent beds, sofas will fly to me a pretty penny. And take some rubbish to six months throw away, do not want. Rummaged through the Internet and stumbled on air mattresses and beds. And that theme is quite decent, and most importantly not expensive.

I read the reviews, features, and found that it is most normal air mattresses or beds firm Intex. In general, the firm if not unique, then the most popular manufacturer of inflatable mattresses and beds. Inflatable bed Intex, which I picked up was a beige color to match the wallpaper to a room. Brought quickly enough during two hours. I had hoped, and lay me, but I explained that he was going inflatable bed is simple enough, and that the accompanying statement will help me understand this. And indeed, everything was very simple even.

All installation took just minutes, and after 5 minutes in our room there was a full bed. Cover the linens and bed covered with a blanket, I decided to see the reaction of his wife. Do so to say surprise. Surprisingly for new beds, and even more inflatable bed, my wife has not found right away. And just getting ready to leave for the night, she landed her body on the bed and gasped in surprise as much. Yes, the surprise was a success. It is worth thank me for my care for her. Grateful to all who participated in the purchase of an inflatable mattress Intex, that is directly online store, which did not disappoint my expectations, but also grateful to producers company Intex, for quality and comfortable air mattresses and beds that make my nights more beautiful every day.