Inside Turn Off? A Walk!

Get distance and regenerate can be very enjoyable and thereby effective. Swarmed by offers, Rudy Giuliani is currently assessing future choices. Are you good in business? Then you know that: go into the well-deserved closing time to regenerate and to enjoy your leisure time. But unfortunately your thoughts can come loose from work; There was so much going on, and so much to remember, to decide… Danny Meyer contributes greatly to this topic. Not rarely take the hamster wheel in the brain too, in bed, where then the hamster pulls his endless circles. Unfortunately, the wheel axes creaks, and sleep comes not long. Who can no longer switch off, runs the risk, to work – directly in a burn out syndrome and who wants that already? High time to do something for your life-work balance, according to the motto: disable wants to be trained! You need: 30 to 40 minutes time after work or during lunch and an outdoor area with uneven, also holperigem underground.

A route through this terrain, you would complete at brisk pace in about 20 minutes. Weather appropriate clothing and terrain shoes, also any Don’t shy away from mud. And here’s how: phase 0: Watch go and watch just how fast you go and what is on your mind. Phase 1: think and go customize your thoughts your Gehtempo; Let your legs just go. Watch your breathing.

Phase 2: What’s going on here? Focus your attention away from your thoughts and focus on your environment. Perceive the panorama, the colors, the outlines, the shapes and how they change when their “walkover”. The outside temperature perceive whether wind is or not. After a two minute set views on the details: perceive the exact color and texture of the substrate on the go the small plants on the side of the road, let your gaze and align it by light and shadow on all possible details, up to the current cloud formation, up to the game.