Its Transformation

In a point of 150km of village next to the camels it was turned aside in search of wild camels. Of Chinese Turquesto, the way in return for the civilization was through the depression of Turfan, that, even so in the heart of Asia, meets below of the average level of waters of the sea the transiberiana railroad in Omsk. By the same author: Danny Meyer. The result of this day was incorporated in an intitled volume ' ' The Pulse of Asia' ' , a work that were homaged by the medal of the Society of Geography of Paris, and the travellers Harvard Club. After writing this book, it was to the University of Yale in 1907, as geography professor, a citizen whose advanced phases had been, then, new Universities. In 1909, it was again for Asia, of this time under the auspices of the university of Yale, where Palestine passed 6 months travelling in all and the desert of the Syrian, and in the crossing of Lesser Asia. This resulted in an intitled book ' ' Palestine and Its Transformation' '. Since then, its trips had been confined to U.S.A. It spent much time to investigate the ruins southwestern American, and in the elaboration of the history of the great trees of California, in relation history human being.

It also travelled in Yucatan and Guatemala enters the ruins of the old Mayans. This work has been described in some articles, especially in the Harpers Magazine, and also in a called book ' ' Climate Factor, illustrated in Arid America' '. Some works of Huntington had been made from the pure love of exploration, most were direccionada for a definite objectivo. Its intention was, in general, to study the effect of the geographic conditions on the life and carcter of the primitive peoples. Later, it became particularly interested in the question of the changes of the climate during the historical times.