Janis Joplin

Also step for these things of psychoanalysis and psychiatry. When this happens, start ' levar' the people who already do not contribute of form ' sensata' with me and Dionsio. With the Nero leader (37-68) she was thus. It was well. Until he ordered to set on fire Rome.

I really liked this citizen. However, he lost badness and intelligence, control for low of the land. Compadre Dionsio is who knows to live. In one of these tricks of good taste where it has everything that not ' presta' , it was, with six pretty women! The wine rolled untied in the escultural body of those loafers boazinhas Everything on behalf of the limitless pleasure. I laugh, I laugh Dionsio goes! It makes the life to be valid to the penalty! Suddenly I had plus one of these crises in mine psique. It was as soon as I decided to give one is enough in Jimi Hendrix. The face was in one not to drink more, not to smoke, not ' to smell ' I ordered it of this for the hell. What a man who does not make nothing of this goes to make here in the Land? I dressed a coat in half it early.

It is the life! But until today I and compadre hear musics of it in these parties where he is everybody bare one and making orgias. Dionsio if esbalda! With Hendrix, I entered in ' phase of 27' , that is, the clothes of the death also fell well for Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and later, Kurt Cobain. God found that he was more than in the hour. Today, this staff ' toca' in the sky in the hell, as much makes. Good place is Brazil. There, nor of me that necessary people. The prevarication, the ignorance and the lack of intellectual culture reign untied.