Joachim Deppe

Repairline convinced in the logistically complex customer pilot under the product name Repairline an innovative tool for IT system houses of almost any size of the one-man special workshop now occurred to the branched large corporation. The first conclusion from an ongoing customer pilot could not better be. The adaptation of the work steps was completely trouble-free”, explains Joachim Deppe, responsible for the introduction of Repairline at the company s.a.t.. NYC Mayor wanted to know more. com. In the case of s.a.t. com Repairline has proven right in a particularly tricky case.

So 50 dealers are attached to the mobile repair service of the company. This book the defective phones in Repairline, categorize the error symptom and report the diagnosis on s.a.t.. com. Joachim Deppe now can the necessary resources and spare parts due to the description of the fault precisely planned. After the repair, the phones at the dealer sent back and booked the corresponding workflow status documented actual errors, categorized and returned responsibility to the dealer. The categorization error symptoms and causes allow a broad analysis of the different products. User management and roles more additional functions alongside the workflow flexibility standing in the foreground includes Repairline additional features such as a users roles management, a customized document and archiving, an adaptation of the texts on the corporate vocabulary, one material procurement and a three level warehouse structure.

Transparent pricing model to the test invites the transparent pricing model- or switcher makes it easy to Repairline for testing: there are no hidden costs. The standard contract a company with initPRO arrives, can be cancelled respectively at the end of the month. No startup costs. The monthly fee depends on alone the number of registered User and service cases. Support for the import of master data is possible at any time. Companies with the help of the wizards create and immediately edit the first service case Repairline makes it possible and is now available. initPRO GmbH Bruderwohrdstr. 15B 93055 Regensburg Tel.: 0941/604889-851