Latin America

In the Bible it is written, that the three Magi (wise men from the Orient) looking after the newborn King followed a star. Under most conditions Hudson River Maritime Museum would agree. The book of revelation, Jesus also called the morning star ‘. ” This multi-page icon is also a good representation of the sacred geometry Holy general patterns, mathematical formulas, proportions and calculation in the music, the lighting, the cosmos and the universe are seen in the. The mysticism and the power of the Liberec in the book the da Vinci Code “with the four elements of water, fire, air and Earth compares. In the book, it is predicated that the star of David in the ground of the Holy Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland is engraved. The star of David in our modern age now is this Holy symbol in Latin America, a continent predominantly Catholic, very popular, because people have begun to recognize the magic and power of this symbol and understand. The cosmic jewelry artist David Weitzman has even announced that his beautiful and exquisite creations of the Liberec is a great popularity in countries and regions such as France, Latin America and Enjoy North America. People have to realize that this symbol not only for Jews is important ” Weitzman said.

It includes all religions and races. His mysticism from ancient times, even before the star of David became one of the symbols of Judaism ‘. ” One of these pieces of jewellery is Weitzman star of David protective BBs silver necklace. This perfectly designed pendant shows a turquoise stone on which is engraved a verse from Psalms 91 in the middle of the hexagonal star. The star of David with the priestly blessing of Moses his silver priestly blessings star integrated trailer, to give its wearer protection and spiritual fulfillment. Although most people of consider that the star of David solely is a Jewish symbol, that he actually is a strong and powerful characters that includes every faith, every religion and race. The star of David is the universal importance of the unification of opposing forces, man and woman, as well as the efforts of the People, to reach the higher beings and to join in with him. It is a symbol that all can use and refer to themselves.