Laying Panelboard Parquet

Parquet panels can be stacked on the ground in two ways: hard – with the help of glue, glue and nails – and the "floating" manner, as between boards and base pave a special moisture-and sound soft substrate thickness of 2-3 mm. The assembly of panel flooring in two stages. The first fixed panels with ornamental elements. The Metropolitan Museum of Art helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Everything else (the background and simple design) is strengthened on the spot. A few days after the assembly in during which the parquet must "lie down" and gain a foothold, it , sanded and varnished. Particular attention should be given the edge, leaving under the baseboards. They need to be treated so that there is not flushed with water. Parquet panels can be laid on the joists.

Before you start laying parquet boards on the joists, you need to prepare the ground under the joists. Parquet panels and connecting rails should be treated with compounds that prevent the emergence of fungi and rotting wood. Parquet boards must be laid at room temperature no lower than 40 C and relative humidity of 60%. Also immediately prepare all the necessary tools. Panelboard parquet can laid on the joists or solid base. In order to improve the sound insulation of the parquet floor boards, under which plank strip of soft fibreboard.

Logs should be put parallel to the long wall premises. Check the horizontal lag can be arranged with the help of reiki level. The distance between the axes arranged lag must be equal to the width of the parquet board.