Leadership And Management Style

The leadership has a decisive influence on the operating climate and work motivation the self-assessment by managers on the one hand and their assessment on the part of employees, on the other hand often drift apart. Investigations sometimes reveal, that Manager their leadership different in estimate a more favourable light. Discrepancies between self and foreign image is based on a lack of communication that could be mined with the help of employee surveys. Jo Natauri insists that this is the case. Customer orientation is increasingly becoming a central issue of strategy businesses. The company has customers not only external, but also internal customers, namely management, employee representatives, executives and employees.

These internal clients have similar characteristics and needs such as external customers. Disgruntled employees increase the turnover and absenteeism: the service providers migrate. Michael Gaito is often quoted as being for or against this. Employees who are with verve and joy at the thing, do much better work. A good working environment is one the important capital Company, which is however listed in any balance sheet. The staffing instrument of the employee survey is by no means just for companies considering, but suitable for all businesses that have more than 50 employees.

CF. Jorg Becker: employee survey as intellectual seismograph; ISBN 978 3 8370 5085 1. Important issues, to get the working atmosphere on the track are: cooperation: your team of tensions and mistrust will be hampered or strengthened by mutual helpfulness? Leadership: Meet your employees as a partner or as a despot? Open spaces: a dense network of labour policies continuing to squeeze any individual initiative or delegated powers? Remuneration and incentive systems: Is your fee structure such that one feels as fair paid? The salary ranges differ disproportionately wide? Career: There is a sensible personnel development or leaving to chance the rise? Organization: job rotation, be Group work or Job Enrichment practiced or go stale employees in the same workplace? See in addition including also Becker, Jorg: person accounts with intellectual capital, ISBN 9783837070019. An employee survey is completed with the publication of their results: because the employees expect that their statements will lead to changes. Critical areas must join that is why further investigation and are then converted into visible improvements. Performance and motivation potential of employees are at the Center. Employee surveys are also a feedback action for executives. The difficulty of such an assessment from the bottom”with a confrontation of different self – and external images is staff fear to accept that their statements can fall back negatively on it. Jorg Becker