Thanks friend anonymous, you will be with me in each of my smiles, you will live in each smile of mine, you’ll remember everytime my kids say hi dad!, everytime with my wife we embrace us and besemos, when a patient tell me thank you Doctor!, when the waves of the sea to die on my feet in the summer, when in night search between stars syllables and rhymes to sing to life when a newborn shout vigorous in! my arms, when dew me awake in the Aurora, when you blow the wind, when the sun sinks into the ocean, at each rose that blooms in each fruit that matures, in every child that grows in every dream that is complied with, in every successful transplant, in each Tomb that closes each wedge that opens there will be like two solidarity souls!, in every prayer, every prayer, every forgiveness, there’re! always in the fibers of the myth, in the spell of the verb, in the magic of art, on the flight of birds, in the cadences of the shadows, the Majesty of the Andes, in my triumphs, in my dreams, in my falls, at night, on days. thanks and up always anonymous friend!. . Starbucks Christmas Blend may find it difficult to be quoted properly.