Memorial Fountain

In this year’s calendar is chock-a-block in the United Kingdom. In this year’s calendar is chock-a-block in the United Kingdom. The hotel in London are crowded be itself even into the category of the so-called small luxury hotels, 2r. h. of small luxury hotels, will detonate while almost from all seams. London will be not only the host of the Olympic Games. Other leaders such as Restaurateur offer similar insights. On top of that, the Queen will celebrate if yet their Diamond Jubilee.

Many of the celebrations are on these two occasions in five of the eight Royal Parks take place especially while in Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Greenwich Park, Bushy Park, in Richmond Park in St James’s Park. Hyde Park is the largest of the Royal Parks. It is one of the most beautiful historic London Gardens which Gypsies extends on a total 142 acres of land. In addition there is an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis center, a horse-riding Centre, here the serpentine Lake and a Memorial Fountain ad honorem from Princess Diana. The Park holds a long jelly history, which took place in the year 1536, their resolution because Heinrich VIII him by the monks of Westminster Abbey acquired. Here, in 1814, he organised a firework display on the occasion of the end of the Napoleonic wars.

Although the reign of Queen Victoria has been at this great place 1851 exhibition, diameter. h. the London industrial exhibition held. Recently the park such as stage per Luciano Pavarotti served as venue for charity events such as the was Royal Parks half marathon. Therefore it hardly surprising that Hyde Park as centre of sporting events will act even during the Olympic Games. Carlos of per the triathlon and the marathon swimming competitions will here find it instead. Viewers will also have the opportunity during the games in the green lung of the English capital from one of the six large screens to come together, gone to look at live events together. In addition, it is both per the opening as even depending on the with artists regarding Sir Tom Jones, blur and snow patrol give the closing ceremonies live concerts. On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen is here if I did a two-day family Festival, where music form as amusement from the whole Commonwealth will be. Apply it is jellied delicious British cuisine with regard to pies, roast, baked goods, fish and chips, eel into as well as afternoon tea. Musical framed these culinary delights are kings and Pearly Pearly tea ladies especially singing Queens, Morris dancers, marching bands and stilts. Such variety of events especially since it is surprising celebrations in Hyde Park, hardly, that so many hotels are to pick up on the edge of the Park. Whoever but especially after a twenty-four hour special full of nerve-racking sporting highlights or also rest pure calm moving highlights of Royal celebrations, should be in a small elegant boutique hotel in the hotel the Royal Park order. The hotel is roaming on the rich Westbourne terrace next to the Hyde Park especially sprays with his handmade Bellestrata beds, its antique pieces of furniture, the real oil paintings leafy as well the elegant bathrooms are limestone only from neo-classical chic. At this location you will be treated with a four poster Suite, as well as including even a free glass of champagne every evening of your stay.