Mobile Dictation With BlackBerry Thanks Now Sure ProMobile

News from the Brainworks GmbH dictation software ProMobile Brainworks GmbH allows immediately sending encrypted dictations on mobile smartphones to existing digital dictation systems. Unprotected access of of stranger to sensitive data is no longer possible. ProMobile is the solution\”, comes from the Berlin software company Brainworks GmbH and protects the dictation recording, processing, and transmission via BlackBerry to existing digital dictation systems using AES or DES encryption. \”We rely specifically on improving the technical integration of our systems, so that users can send light hearted, sensitive data\”, as Andre Bernstein, Service Manager of Brainworks GmbH. just in times in which everywhere the word circulating crisis, we consciously focus on solutions in the areas of safety, quality, and service. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bank of New York has to say. \” ProMobile extends not only to the function of a professional dictation the BlackBerry, but spared the otherwise Additionally necessary voice recorder entirely. Dictation with the keypad or the mouse control can be recorded, edited and sent by means of the software.

Via the menu control easily finger the unique touch-screen on the BlackBerry storm and ensured the quick and easy operation of the ProMobile dictation software. All functions offered by a normal voice recorder, available also with ProMobile via BlackBerry. The dictation, insert, and delete various sections of the dictation is supported by the clear display. Additional information about the dictation facilitate the search and provide quick access. This saves not only time, but also unnecessary costs in practices, law firms, hospitals and insurance companies. The finished dictations can be sent via UMTS, Wi-Fi, GPRS or E-Mail to existing digital dictation systems. Can interface in the BlackBerry bold with the integrated Wi-Fi also internally transferred the dictation in the network via Wi-Fi. This saves transmission costs and leads to short transmission times. The playback of transferred dictation carried the software ProPlayer\”and allows the direct call from the email client (E.g.