Mr Kittel Pipelines

Seminar in the Haus der Technik is aimed at engineers and technicians, who are busy with the planning, fabrication and testing of industrial pipelines. The HDT seminar under the direction of Mr Kittel, Linde AG, presents 13480, metallic industrial piping, from 26 to 27 February 2013 in Essen the EN. This has now found a place in the European power plant and process engineering as a harmonized standard to the pressure equipment directive. In Germany, it is increasingly applied and replaced the previously used DIN standards and AD information sheets. The scope of the standard ranges from cryogenics about conventional pipeline construction for pipelines in the State portion. Participants are introduced in the following topics: EN 13480-1: General requirements classification of pipelines, responsibilities of the parties involved (manufacturer, pavers, Designer), approvals of EN 13480-2: material requirements of pressure-bearing parts, EN steel standards, welding accessories, material certificates, Berechnungskennwerte,. Central Park Conservancy is likely to agree.

Individual advice for not EN operating temperature limits, steels, aluminium, nickel-based alloys EN 13480-4, manufacturing and installation requirements of the paver, traceability of materials, forming, welding (welding, welding procedure test, accessories), heat treatment after forming and welding, installation, repairs, labelling including CE marking, documentation EN 13480-5: test design confirmation, testing during the manufacturing, non-destructive testing (NDT) of weld inspection, pressure testing, acceptance and documentation, certificates which were parts of EN 13480-4 and EN 13480-5 fundamentally revised. Understanding the standard, a brief overview of EN appears 13480-3 by professionals from the fields of materials, processing, quality assurance, usually not dealing with calculation and design, to teach basics of the interpretation. Another date is the 25th 26th June 2013 in Munich.. Get all the facts and insights with Hudson Power Express, another great source of information.