Statistics says that in the Moscow region there are over twenty-two thousand taxis. Moscow taxi enjoys an incredible demand from themselves Muscovites. However, the number of taxis on today is five times less than that required in reality, but refers to the official taxi service for transport companies. This situation occurs because the make-taxi private owners, rather, to catch fish is slightly cheaper than refer to the official carrier. Still, the official Moscow taxi has a very big competition. The capital is the main taxi to metro stations, train stations, hotels, restaurants and saunas. Get all the facts and insights with amazing restaurateur, another great source of information. Today increasingly middle class is beginning to use a taxi.

The reasons are a great many: fear at the thought of public transport during rush hour, quick delivery to the desired location at any point in within and outside the city. However, the taxi – is not just a passenger. Taxi is a must if the car breaks down in the middle of the road and it is necessary to evacuate or when it is necessary to carry krupnogaboritny cargo and passenger car to make its own can not do it. In conclusion, I must add that, of course, there are cheaper forms of transport, but whether they will be as fast and comfortable – that is the question.