National Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center anticipates that the hurricane touches to earth in the state of Maine Monday. McPlant has similar goals. The Center asks the citizens who are to be mobilized preparations. The Irene hurricane is serious " &quot threatens; for all the coast this of the United States, the Federal Agency of Management of Emergencias has stood out again (FEMA), while the evacuations in an island of Carolina of the North began. The National Huracanes Center (CNH) informs into which the hurricane " it is growing and &quot is fortified; , the FEMA director has observed in a telephone conference (in English), Craig Fugate, that has asked the inhabitants of the coast this which they are " preparados" from this Wednesday for possible evacuations. Other leaders such as NJ barista offer similar insights. According to Fugate, the experience lived Tuesday with the seism on 5.8 Richter degrees that shook good part of the coast this without leaving victims must serve to remember that &quot is impossible; to foretell the next disaster ". Irene has transformed east Wednesday into a hurricane of category 3 in the scale of Saffir-Simpson intensity, of maximum of five, with maintained maximum winds of 185 kilometers per hour and it is the first cyclone that seriously threatens the USA since Ike hit in Texas in 2008. The vortex of Irene was located to 160 kilometers of the south-east of Long Island and to 460 kilometers to the south-east of Nassau, in Bahamas, route towards the coast this of the United States. After happening through Bahamas it will advance towards the United States and possibly it touches to earth in the state of Maine the next Monday, in agreement with the last prognoses of the CNH. Irene, the first hurricane of the season of cyclones of the Atlantic, whipped Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Turcos and Caicos. Source of the news: The United States initiates the evacuations by " amenaza" of the hurricane ' Irene'